What is a White-Harp?

White-Harp |(h)wīt·härp|
A stuffed baby harp seal that has been JJ’s best friend and confidante since she was three years old.
Considered by many to JJ’s daemon.
A devilish little fiend with a mind of her own who hides her nefarious plans behind an innocently cute face.

What is a White-Harp, you ask?

This is a White-Harp.

They say pets choose their owners and while White-Harp 1) doesn’t appreciate being referred to as a pet and 2) is an inanimate object (shhh, don’t tell her that), the old adage is certainly true.

Why a White-Harp?

White-Harp has become, in many ways, a sort of avatar for me online. A brand of sorts, if you will. Plus, she’s a complete famewhore, so she likes having her face all over the internet. And while she will turn up with increasingly frequency all over this website (especially in my illustrations), she is not the creator of Uncreated Conscience. I am.