For school & library visits, bookclubs, panels, etc.

I am available on a limited basis for school & library visits, bookclub discussions, and more!

School & Library Visits

If you would like to invite me for an assembly or a classroom or library visit, I provide a few different program options. Each program is appropriate for grades 7 and up, and lasts for about 45 minutes to an hour, leaving 15 minutes for a Q&A session afterwards.

Following Your Passion

Finding opportunities to do what you love

Before I was a writer, I was a fan. From early attempts at fanfiction to my published work, my sincere passion for all my nerdy interests have opened doors and created opportunities to succeed. I talk about how inspiration comes from what you love (and sometimes what you don’t love) and how to channel enthusiasm into productivity. 
Best suited: Small to large groups
Requirements: A projector for a PowerPoint slideshow

Path to Publication

De-mystifying the process of publication

What does it take to get the story in your head onto pages that become a book on the shelf? Before I was a writer, I was also an acquiring editor at a large NYC publishing house, so I explain the nuts and bolts of how an idea becomes a book you can hold. From drafting to revision, querying and submission, and all the other steps that follow. 
Best suited: Small to medium groups, students serious about pursuing publication
Requirements: A projector for a PowerPoint slideshow

Conferences, Conventions & Festivals

I love being part of cons and festivals! I am comfortable speaking on panels, as well as moderating discussion. If you would like to invite me to your conference, convention, or festival, please contact my publicist with the following information:

  • Dates and times of the event
  • Any travel expenses, hotel accommodations, registration, and/or honorarium included
  • Whether my books will be available for sale

If you would like me to make a keynote speech, please see my workshops page for more information about the types of speeches I can provide, as well as information about my rates.


Speaking fees, travel & lodging, other compensation, etc.

I require compensation for travel and lodging for events not within easy driving distance, as well as a speaking fee. If your budget is limited, please don’t hesitate to email me, as I do select local pro bono or discounted events, depending on need and availability.

Skype Visits

Video Q&As

No budget? No problem! Skype visits for bookclubs and classrooms are free! I am available for Q&A sessions for those who have read my books. Please email me to schedule a visit.
Limited availability. 
Duration: 20 minutes