I occasionally contribute writing or articles to other websites and blogs.

Below is a list of articles I’ve penned elsewhere on the internet.

Quiet On The Set: A Book Crew

WeBook, March 2010

It takes a village to publish a book.

Experiential Reading

Publishr, May 2010

The different reading experiences of different publishing formats: ebooks, hardcovers, and paperbacks.

The Power and Persistence of Label

Gay YA, June 2011

Claiming an identity for yourself, with all its attendant complications. Read here.

Dear Teen Me

Two writers, E. Kristin Anderson and Miranda Kenneally started this project wherein writers pen letters to their teenage selves. The letters run the gamut from poignant, heartbreaking, and hilarious. I offered to write a few myself. I actually had a pretty well-adjusted adolescence, but my letters always seem to turn out angsty, contrary to what I intend to write.

Crushable: Lessons From The Other Side of 21

Funnily enough, my Dear Teen Me letters prompted Lilit Marcus, the editor of Crushable, to contact me and ask if I were interested in writing a weekly column about things I wish I had known when I was younger. I thought it would be fun and agreed. Alas, writing a column every week while also working full-time as an editor was detrimental to both my writing and work, and therefore I had to stop. The title comes from my Dear Teen Me letter.

  1. The Little Things
  2. Failing to Imagine Others Complexly
  3. The Meaning of Privilege
  4. The F Word

Personal Essay

I also occasionally write personal essays on my blog. I have gone through and highlighted those of which I am the most proud.