Then Again, Maybe Not

So when I said I don’t want to be an animator anymore…I might have been lying. I discovered this great programme for Mac called Pencil and it may be the most awesome piece of software in the world (except for Scrivener, the greatest writing tool in all of existence). To prove my point, I made a little animation last night in under 10 minutes.

96 frames in under 10 minutes. That is GENIUS. Granted, 96 frames is only 8 seconds (I’m drawing at 12 frames per second, not 24), but most of my animation isn’t for feature film length purposes—just clips I can stick into White-Harp’s book review vlogs. Instead of individually drawing pictures over and over and scanning them individually, I can simply “onion-skin” the next drawing over it, like an actual flipbook. You should have seen the setup I had the last time: I don’t have a lightdesk, so I was hunched with a lamp between my legs, trying to shine it through a semi-transparent clipboard. Oi.

Speaking of which, I’m hoping to get her review of A CURSE DARK AS GOLD filmed and edited tonight. We shall see. I have a million things to do and on top of that, it is Bones night, which means it’s Sofa and my time to be together with me in New York and her in Virginia. I miss my Soph. :(

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