White-Harp Reviews SHIVER

I used to want to be an animator.

NOT ANYMORE. No wonder traditional handdrawn animation became passé. Even drawing the scant 25 frames in here almost drove me batshit insane.

I procrastinate a lot. I often procrastinate from doing creative things by…making other creative things. In this case, I’m trying not to look at the flaws Scrivener keeps pointing out in my manuscript.

Mostly I’ve been inspired by Maggie Stiefvater who, in addition to being a wonderful writer, is a multi-talented woman. I just loved her stop-motion trailer for SHIVER that I decided to have a go at something similar myself. White-Harp has also been pestering me for ages to make her into a famous internet star and gladly jumped at the opportunity to make her opinions known via video blog.

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