The Honourables

Exciting news! In-house Cap’n Sweet Valley has been working on an initiative to start publishing a series of e-originals that we are calling e-serials. What are e-serials?

An e-serial is a series of digital-only discrete dramatic novella-length “episodes” that advance an overall “season” narrative arc through 4-6 installments, published in at regular intervals at a low price.

We are conceptualizing e-serials as a loose bridge between a full length novel and a TV show. An e-serial episode is analogous to a one hour drama, one installment of a season of dramas. We’ve already started this experiment with The Sweet Life, which will be an e-serial featuring the continuing lives of the Wakefield twins–now 30 years old and living in California–and look forward to finding more stories to develop!

This is obviously a new and experimental format, but all the criteria for what makes a good novel still hold: high-concept hook, great writing, great characters. We’re excited to have Allison Rushby onboard with us for this!

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