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The Dilemma of a Morning Person/Anti-Night Owl Writer

I hate it when I have writing ideas and I’m motivated to write, but it’s nighttime and all I want to do is sleep. Being a morning person means that by 10PM, I have been awake for 16 hours. Vampire, I ain’t. Now if only my brain would comply and give me ideas first thing in the morning instead of right before bed… (Of course, instead of either writing or going to bed, I spent […]

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Near Brunnenmarkt

I have discovered Pixlr‘s retro/vintage effects maker and it has rather taken over my life, as I’m not obsessed with turning my photos into Instagram/Hipstamatic-type thingies. This is a picture of a little shop I found on a random side street in Vienna on my way to the Brunnenmarkt.

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