State of the JJ: June 2016

Book 2 PW Announcement

Welp, so after a refreshing vacation, I completely and utterly fell off the blogging bandwagon. Oops.

Things have been…busy the month of June at Chez JJ. You might remember that I sold a companion novel to Wintersong last month (see: above photo), so I’ve been doing research for that, as well as having periodic crises of faith that I’ll be able to deliver.1


  • Last month in my newsletter, I gave a sneak peek at the interior designs for Wintersong and now first pass pages bearing said designs have arrived! Seeing these in person is extra special for me because I contributed my own artwork as well as some hand-lettering for the book.
  • With the arrival of first pass pages, it now means that ARCs are soon to follow. Cue my panic.
  • It’s also my last chance to look over my book and make any (minor) changes. I’ve been reading it aloud to catch any typos and awkward phrasing and have gained a newfound appreciation for audiobook narrators because oh my goodness, dry mouth and throat.


  • Not much else in writing news, aside from working on the Wintersong companion. It’s…going. It’s fine. It’s all fine.

This is Fine (Small)


  • So I’ve discovered that Fitbit now tracks how many steps you take per hour, and the completionist in me cannot let a single hour go by without 250+ steps taken.2 So if gym-going is spotty due to other commitments I have outside the day job (the PubCrawl and Earth Kingdom Radio podcasts among them), at least I can reliably hit 10,000 steps a day…if I do a little pacing while reading first pass pages aloud to White-Harp and Goober Dog.

That’s all for this month! Hearing from me on the blog will probably be less frequent than Tumblr or Twitter (and even then, I’ve scaled those back as well) this summer, but who knows? Maybe I’ll surprise myself.

  1. Despite having bipolar disorder, I don’t have anxiety, but man, being a writer tests that on a regular basis.
  2. I’ve even set up my tracker to buzz every hour to remind me.
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  1. Cindy 29 Jun 2016 at 12:02 am #

    Your blog posts are always so fun to read! And oh my goodness, if the first page you showed us is anything to go by, the images and hand-lettering will be absolutely gorgeous! And ARCs! Next month certainly sounds exciting. Will you post pictures of your ARCs when they arrive? That will be such an exhilarating moment and I am sure the cover and story will be even more gorgeous in print! (By the way, I am more than a little obsessed with that cover of yours. :D) As for the second Wintersong book, I noticed that you used the word companion instead of sequel… Will it be from another character’s POV, set years after the end of Wintersong, or am I simply overthinking it? Anyways, congrats on your upcoming ARCs!! :) (And here’s some coffee/candy/sparkles to get you through the Wintersong companion writing process!)

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