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Drawing, digital painting, and other doodly things.

Sad Corliss

I really need to get back into the habit of drawing more often. Back in high school, I spent 6 hours a week doing art because I was in Visual Arts Conservatory. Some days it sucked pretty hard, but most days it was like therapy. It’d be nice to set aside a few hours everyday to work on art. And music. I played piano pretty much every day in high school as well. How did […]

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The Dilemma of a Morning Person/Anti-Night Owl Writer

I hate it when I have writing ideas and I’m motivated to write, but it’s nighttime and all I want to do is sleep. Being a morning person means that by 10PM, I have been awake for 16 hours. Vampire, I ain’t. Now if only my brain would comply and give me ideas first thing in the morning instead of right before bed… (Of course, instead of either writing or going to bed, I spent […]

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Quick Draw

My parents gave me an iPad for Christmas, so naturally I’ve been going a little app crazy. Discovered Sketchbook, which is a pretty decent drawing/painting app, except for the fact that drawing with a fingertip is hard! I haven’t done that since preschool!

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Sumire and Corliss

You can tell when I’m unable to write when a ton of drawings start cropping up instead. I recently got both Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Corel Painter 12 and have been experimenting with both. I find it easier to sketch/ink in Photoshop, but easier to colour in Painter. I was trying out the “Real Watercolour” brushes in Painter and it’s, uh, hard. (Just like actual watercolour!)

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A Kiss

A kiss between two of my characters from a story I’m writing. (I haven’t gotten to the kiss yet.) I’m not entirely pleased with how this one turned out; I may redo it later. Yay for digital art! I think I’ve finally started to get the hang of drawing directly in Photoshop, instead of sketching and scanning.

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