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I am frivolous and like to play dress-up.

Photo Friday: I Wish I Were Audrey Hepburn

I have gotten extremely lazy with the Photo Friday business. I really ought to start carrying Argos around again instead of leaving him at home just to shoot pictures of food and my clothes. I will spare you the food photography (it’s pretty bad as I do the majority of my cooking when lighting conditions aren’t ideal), but here’s another outfit. I call this look I Wish I Were Audrey Hepburn (some more Lookbook hype […]

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Shameless Sunday: Steampunk Fun

Saturday I had a baby T-Rex come visit me in order to go steampunk shopping in my closet. She needed it for a project, so we riffled through my hangers to see if my clothes would oblige. It did! And we had many options to choose from, including a few Baby T-Rex didn’t see because I forgot I had them. (For instance, I rediscovered a corset + bustle that used to be a really hideous […]

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Sartorial Inspiration

I really ought to remember that this was my personal blog before it became a publishing…ish blog. I mean, I have a personality! And interests beyond books! (Sort of. I won’t lie when I say books occupy about 85% of my brain space.) I also like art, photography, fashion, crafts, music, etc. It’s good to acknowledge that sometimes. Anyway, I’ve been feeling very uninspired in the sartorial department lately. As far as vanity goes, I’m […]

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Masquerade Ball

Once more med school prom has come and gone I have the photographic evidence in my nail-polish stained fingers. There needs to be more (semi)formal events in my life so I can indulge my inner princess by wearing pretty, pretty dresses and makeup. My mother once accused me of living in a made-up world of stories and fairytales. Of course, I found this vastly complimentary, but Mum actually intended it as a criticism of how […]

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All Work and No Play

Looking back on some of my blog posts since starting work here at St. Martin’s Press, I’ve become slightly baffled by how much I talk about work. It’s like I have no life, you guys! How horrifying! It’s time I return to a self-centered, narcissistic monologue about my life. (Not really. Except kind of really.) I started this blog long before I was ever in publishing, but slowly and insidiously, the industry has infiltrated my […]

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New roommate, (new job? Please?), new…ish hair. In an inaugural New Roommate Bonding event, Rachel helped me dye my hair last night. Yesterday I was wandering around Central Park with my friend Jess when she had to stop in a pharmacy to grab some contact solution. I spied a package of hair dye and thought, Oh hell, why not? (Holy cow, that is a demonic smile on my face.) (more…)

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New Logo

Don’t It Always Seem To Go…

…that you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone? I am on an upbeat Joni Mitchell kick that I must sing to myself since Endymion the iPod has fallen into his enchanted sleep at last and cannot even be restarted. I have been having no luck with my Apple products recently, but in all fairness, Pantalaimon the iBook is nearing 5 years old and Endymion is even older still. They have had a good […]

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Bear and me on the dance floor.

Medical School Prom

I’ve mentioned before that med school was exactly like high school except with more dead bodies. Prom was oodles of fun except for the enormous pain in my feet at the end of the night from standing and dancing around in 3 inch heels. Let me tell you: taking off my heels when we finally made it home? Orgasmic. The closest to a full length photograph of my dress. What you can’t see: the train, […]

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A Slight Change of Plans

Did a bit of practice on what I’ll be wearing tomorrow for prom. Alas, the waves will not work: my hair is either too short or…or I’m not sure what exactly. It curls just fine, maybe a little too fine as it refuses to wave. Oh well. Also, making a hairclip? Not possible with what I have, even with Krazy Glue, but I figured out how to stick the flower in my hair anyway. This […]

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