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Through the lenses of Argos the Nikon D60.

Near Brunnenmarkt

I have discovered Pixlr‘s retro/vintage effects maker and it has rather taken over my life, as I’m not obsessed with turning my photos into Instagram/Hipstamatic-type thingies. This is a picture of a little shop I found on a random side street in Vienna on my way to the Brunnenmarkt.

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Sweet Potato Latte

Bear came into the city this weekend and we spent Saturday wandering around the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market before getting Korean barbeque dinner with some friends. I love flea markets, mostly because I have to wonder at the story behind some of the objects on sale. For instance, Bear and I found a Victorian diver’s helmet. Yes. The suit you’d expect to see in 1000 Leagues Under The Sea by Jules Verne. I mean, whose […]

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Through the Looking Glass

Can I just say that Baby T-Rex has got some mad Photoshopping skills? A whole bunch of publishing people came over to my apartment a couple of weeks ago and we had a steampunk photoshoot for Kathleen’s Photoshop class. TOTALLY AWESOME. I’m totally going to climb in through my living room mirror and hitch a ride on that ship.

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Winter Greys

Photo Friday: February 18

Good Lord, it’s been ages since I’ve done a Photo Friday. My photography has been a bit more sporadic, but I got a new 35mm lens and an iPhone, so I’ve been mixing things up. Themes this week include Narcissism, 35mm Prime Lens, and iPhoneography.

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Photo Friday: November 12

I forgot last week’s Photo Friday when I actually had photos to show! Well, no matter as I actually don’t have any photos to show this week, so I will post the ones I meant to last week. Last week’s theme was Autumn because I am boring like that.

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