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Through the lenses of Argos the Nikon D60.

Winter Greys

Photo Friday: February 18

Good Lord, it’s been ages since I’ve done a Photo Friday. My photography has been a bit more sporadic, but I got a new 35mm lens and an iPhone, so I’ve been mixing things up. Themes this week include Narcissism, 35mm Prime Lens, and iPhoneography.


Photo Friday: November 12

I forgot last week’s Photo Friday when I actually had photos to show! Well, no matter as I actually don’t have any photos to show this week, so I will post the ones I meant to last week. Last week’s theme was Autumn because I am boring like that.



I can’t believe I’ve only blogged twice in September. What happened to the days when I used to blog twice per day? Yeesh. Anyway, continuing on this trend of not blogging about books, I’m going to post pictures from last night’s dinner instead.

W. 18th St.

Photo Friday: July 30

Nothing much going down for this Photo Friday. Haven’t had much opportunity to shoot anything, as I’d been alternating back and forth between Argos and the Canon. This week’s theme is New York City (how unoriginal, but what can you do?).

Lou Reed Girlfriend

Photo Friday: The Junk Drawer

Right, so it’s been weeks since I’ve last posted a Photo Friday (Jesus, so busy), but it isn’t as though I haven’t been taking photographs. In fact, I’ve been shooting away like a busy little bee! In addition to Argos the Nikon D60, I’ve finally pulled out my mother’s old Canon EOS Rebel XS, which is a 35mm plastic SLR. The thing is nearly 20 years old, and for three years, languished at the back […]

White-Harp MonkeyBar

Photo Friday: White-Harp’s Day Out

Hey everyone! It’s me, White-Harp. JJ’s been so swamped with work and other stuff lately she’s asked me to do a guest blog post for her. To which I say: FINALLY. It’s about time. I mean, I’m totally more famous on the internet than she is. Nobody from Twitter recognizes her in person without me in front of her face. Also, speaking of Twitter, it’s time I get an account myself, no?