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Regarding Doughnuts

JJ: For the longest time I’ve spelled it “doughnut” but everyone said that was archaic and/or wrong. “Donut” still looks weird. WICKED COOL RILEY: I only use “donut” because of Dunkin Donuts. I sort of prefer the archaic spelling. JJ: I’m almost positive all doughnut places spell it “donut”. But I think there was a book I read as a kid that spelled it “doughnut”, so it stuck in my brain that way. WICKED COOL […]

Imaginary Girls

Best Reads of 2011

It’s that time of year again, as 2011 draws to a close, when JJ picks her Best Reads books. This year’s been a bit of a mixed bag for me, and despite the spate of new and shiny YA titles with attendant romances and cool dystopian/fantasy/sci-fi settings that came out in 2011, the books that have stayed with me have been adult, YA contemporary (with literary bent), or even a bit of non-fiction. What does […]

High Fantasy for Young Adults

Books win their audiences for a reason. Most popular books wear their artlessness on their sleeve: Stephenie Meyer, the author of the “Twilight” series, is an awkward writer with little feeling for construction, but the intensity of emotion with which she imbues her characters is enviable. You never doubt her commitment to the material, which is half the battle won. So to say that Paolini is an unskilled narrator and a derivative mythmaker is more […]

Because nobody's perfect. Unless he's David Tennant. (Obligatory image of Sexy Person included in post to drive up traffic. I am transparently shallow that way.)

A Plague of Perfect Boys

So. Hello, blog. We haven’t spoken in a while. How are you? How are things? How’s life in your corner of the internet? I’m so sorry for treating you like that friend I speak to once every six months only when I have something exciting I want to share, but it’s a little hard to maintain close friendships when you’re so far away, you know? Besides, I’m been keeping busy in my internet life with […]


Oh John Green

I won’t lie; I was a teeny bit worried when I heard that John Green’s next novel was going to have a female narrator, mostly because he does the boy narrator so well, but also because the female narrator of his Zombiecorns novella didn’t sound like a girl to me. However, my fears have been allayed. Bravo, John Green!

Slightly Hapless Detective Inspector

Slightly Hapless Detective Inspector and His Much More On-The-Nose (And Put Upon) Sergeant

At the moment, I am utterly glutted on commercial YA fiction. I don’t want something high concept (and ultimately soulless), I don’t want some epic, steamy romance (I especially don’t want that), and I don’t want a first-person narrator. I have read so many of these in the past 8 months that I’m about to explode. So right now, I want the antithesis of all that. I want something small in scope, British, adult, and […]