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The boob tube draws me away from reading very occasionally.

Alpha Bravo Charlie

Months after everyone else (but coincidentally about the same time as my friend Katranna), I decided to give Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse a go. Now, I’ve made no secret of the fact that I find Firefly the best of Whedon’s shows for many reasons, not the least of which is because I found its premise the […]

Those Lovely Seaside Girls

Happy Bloomsday, everyone! I would give ULYSSES a read-through today, except my friend Kristine has my copy and my other one is so destroyed it has literally fallen apart at the seams. No matter, for I am rereading CATCHING FIRE more slowly this time around (to savour the small details), and Kristine introduced me to […]

Michael Emerson, I Love You

I have decided I need to add Michael Emerson to my family of adopted people I may or may not adore in the way gay men adore Judy Garland. So, I have Magical Uncle Neil Gaiman, Fairy Grandfather Ian McKellan, Storytellin’ Gramps Philip Pullman, and…I may have to relegate the actor playing Benry as…That Creepy […]

I'm a Battered Watcher

Those who know me and Bear know that I have excellent taste in romantic partners but unfortunately, my discerning judgment doesn’t extend to television shows. I have had deplorable luck with the two to which I’ve been (slavishly) faithful: first The X-Files and now Lost. I have come to hate both shows in ways I […]

I Am Fat & Sassy!

I could have quoted my other favourite line from Don Hertzfeldt’s Rejected, but I figure “For the love of God and all the is holy, my anus is bleeding! (Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!)” wouldn’t fly as a title. Firstly, whoever created this is a graphic genius. S/he should have my brainchildren: My favourite is Ben’s look of utter […]

Post About Nothing

Can I just say here that I hate Kate from Lost with all the passion of my soul? So much that words cannot even express the depth of my loathing? And if ONE MORE PERSON tells me that Sawyer’s love for her is “true,” I will shove a fork in their face. I’ve hated that […]

Still Searching For My Mulder & Scully

Last night I took a bit of a trip on the wayback machine and spent the night at my darling Sofa’s apartment to have a TV marathon, gorge on Chinese food, and drink fruity pomegranate wine coolers. I became friends with Sofa over the length of a cigarette. She likes to believe she was the […]

Frivolity, Thy Name Is JJ

I got an email this morning from La Junior Agent forwarded from El Jefe (who is on holiday in Florida, I believe) forwarded from his (potential?) client who said he really liked the editorial suggestions I made to his manuscript and that if I had any more I ought to send them along as soon as possible. I had been led to believe that I would have little or no interaction with agents because the intern assists the assistant, but I have been rather fortunate to have the head honcho of this literary agency take an interest in me. El Jefe is adorable; he refers to me (in writing) as “Jay Jay.” (La Junior Agent for the first few days called me “Jo-Jo.” Perhaps I ought to give up and go back to being called “Sarah.” Ew, just looking at that name makes me shudder.) I have a self-pubbed memoir to read and report on when he comes back. I have read the first 5 pages. The answer is no. [...]

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

After the episode “LaFleur” of this past week’s LOST and a conversation I had with Jack Violet on GChat the last night had me thinking (again) about romance and the what works for me and what doesn’t. (Spoilers for “LaFleur” to follow, don’t continue reading if you don’t want to know! If you don’t follow […]