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Preacher, You Have a Smutty Mind

And so do I. I’ve Twittered before about my newfound love for Chester 5000 XYV but failed to follow up with an actual blog post about it. (Warning for the kiddos—not that I think anyone younger than 18 follows my blog: Chester 5000 XYV is porn.) I love graphic novels and comic books but was never allowed to read them as a child because my mother deemed them “not girly.” (Also on the list of […]

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Twilight the Movie

This Is The Skin of A Killer

Friday night instead of watching La Belle et La Bête, I went in an entirely different direction and watched Twilight. I was simultaneously bored and amused, and then utterly conflicted, mostly because my entire reaction was OMG it doesn’t suck! Oh wait… It isn’t by any means a great film (despite the director’s pedigree), but by virtue of the fact that Bella doesn’t make me want to vomit for most of the film, it rises […]

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