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Photo Friday: I Wish I Were Audrey Hepburn

I have gotten extremely lazy with the Photo Friday business. I really ought to start carrying Argos around again instead of leaving him at home just to shoot pictures of food and my clothes. I will spare you the food photography (it’s pretty bad as I do the majority of my cooking when lighting conditions aren’t ideal), but here’s another outfit. I call this look I Wish I Were Audrey Hepburn (some more Lookbook hype […]

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Shameless Sunday: Steampunk Fun

Saturday I had a baby T-Rex come visit me in order to go steampunk shopping in my closet. She needed it for a project, so we riffled through my hangers to see if my clothes would oblige. It did! And we had many options to choose from, including a few Baby T-Rex didn’t see because I forgot I had them. (For instance, I rediscovered a corset + bustle that used to be a really hideous […]

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Lou Reed Girlfriend

Photo Friday: The Junk Drawer

Right, so it’s been weeks since I’ve last posted a Photo Friday (Jesus, so busy), but it isn’t as though I haven’t been taking photographs. In fact, I’ve been shooting away like a busy little bee! In addition to Argos the Nikon D60, I’ve finally pulled out my mother’s old Canon EOS Rebel XS, which is a 35mm plastic SLR. The thing is nearly 20 years old, and for three years, languished at the back […]

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Red Desert

Photo Friday: June 18

Whoops, I missed last week’s Photo Friday. Well, no matter, I didn’t have any decent photos to show you anyway. I’m glad I don’t have to do any strenuous blogging today because about 60% of my brain is devoted to the USA vs. Slovenia match going on right now. (And we’re sucking balls.) Summer Friday and I’m at work for 3 hours, but it’s the 3 hours during which the game is being played. >:-(

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Sartorial Inspiration

I really ought to remember that this was my personal blog before it became a publishing…ish blog. I mean, I have a personality! And interests beyond books! (Sort of. I won’t lie when I say books occupy about 85% of my brain space.) I also like art, photography, fashion, crafts, music, etc. It’s good to acknowledge that sometimes. Anyway, I’ve been feeling very uninspired in the sartorial department lately. As far as vanity goes, I’m […]

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New Adult Agents?

Before we get to business, how about a little rampant narcissism? When I was younger, my mother used to accuse me of dressing like a cartoon character. Well, she’s sort of right–on most days I like to fictionalize myself, and this includes wearing a costume. Some days I like to dress like a flapper, on other days a 30s moll (or Mrs. Coulter). Today, I am feeling a retro/60ish vibe, complete with fishnets and heels. […]

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