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Photo Friday: I Wish I Were Audrey Hepburn

I Wish I Were Audrey Hepburn

I have gotten extremely lazy with the Photo Friday business. I really ought to start carrying Argos around again instead of leaving him at home just to shoot pictures of food and my clothes. I will spare you the food photography (it’s pretty bad as I do the majority of my cooking when lighting conditions […]

Shameless Sunday: Steampunk Fun

Steampunk Fun

Saturday I had a baby T-Rex come visit me in order to go steampunk shopping in my closet. She needed it for a project, so we riffled through my hangers to see if my clothes would oblige. It did! And we had many options to choose from, including a few Baby T-Rex didn’t see because […]

Photo Friday: The Junk Drawer

Right, so it’s been weeks since I’ve last posted a Photo Friday (Jesus, so busy), but it isn’t as though I haven’t been taking photographs. In fact, I’ve been shooting away like a busy little bee! In addition to Argos the Nikon D60, I’ve finally pulled out my mother’s old Canon EOS Rebel XS, which […]

Photo Friday: June 18

Whoops, I missed last week’s Photo Friday. Well, no matter, I didn’t have any decent photos to show you anyway. I’m glad I don’t have to do any strenuous blogging today because about 60% of my brain is devoted to the USA vs. Slovenia match going on right now. (And we’re sucking balls.) Summer Friday […]

Photo Friday: June 4

How on earth did it get to be Friday again without me blogging? I AM A BAD BLOGGER ACK. It seems as though I am only able to consistently do Photo Fridays, which is pretty terrible. Anyway, this week’s theme is fashion (especially shoes). Also, Karen Healey‘s signing at Books of Wonder. Teal with Envy […]

Sartorial Inspiration

I really ought to remember that this was my personal blog before it became a publishing…ish blog. I mean, I have a personality! And interests beyond books! (Sort of. I won’t lie when I say books occupy about 85% of my brain space.) I also like art, photography, fashion, crafts, music, etc. It’s good to […]

New Adult Agents?

Before we get to business, how about a little rampant narcissism? When I was younger, my mother used to accuse me of dressing like a cartoon character. Well, she’s sort of right–on most days I like to fictionalize myself, and this includes wearing a costume. Some days I like to dress like a flapper, on […]