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High Fantasy for Young Adults

Books win their audiences for a reason. Most popular books wear their artlessness on their sleeve: Stephenie Meyer, the author of the “Twilight” series, is an awkward writer with little feeling for construction, but the intensity of emotion with which she imbues her characters is enviable. You never doubt her commitment to the material, which is half the battle won. So to say that Paolini is an unskilled narrator and a derivative mythmaker is more […]

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Twilight the Movie

This Is The Skin of A Killer

Friday night instead of watching La Belle et La Bête, I went in an entirely different direction and watched Twilight. I was simultaneously bored and amused, and then utterly conflicted, mostly because my entire reaction was OMG it doesn’t suck! Oh wait… It isn’t by any means a great film (despite the director’s pedigree), but by virtue of the fact that Bella doesn’t make me want to vomit for most of the film, it rises […]

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Wake Up, Dolly-Daydream!

To this all I can say is “What? WHAT?” Who on earth thinks Phantom of the Opera 2: Love Never Dies is a good idea? I’m horribly offended, really, as a formerly obsessed 12-year-old and as the currently-shamefacedly-disdainful-but-still-kind-of-obsessed 23-year-old I am now. The reason the original musical had its punch (for me, at least) was the tragic ending. There is no creature more made for melodramatic romance than a 12-year-old girl. And my parents are […]

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New Logo

I Wanna See Sparklepire

I’d always thought Robert Pattinson was pretty, ever since I saw him as Cedric in Goblet of Fire, but he certainly isn’t one of those actors for whom my heart does a funny little skip. However, I will say I am starting to become increasingly charmed by his interviews because 1) he always seems to be high on something, 2) he’s sort of dorky, 3) and he seems to have a thinly disguised contempt for […]

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Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Why Smart Bitches Rock

Smart Bitch Sarah of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books is totally my heroine. (Not the Old Skool Romance Novel Too-Stupid-To-Live heroine, of course.) The fact that she and Candy are out there in the world being snarky, intelligent, and awesome makes my life so much happier. They’re incredibly smart, but not in any way pretentious and are not above making fun of themselves, which makes their reviews and blog entries a joy to read. (Their cover […]

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