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The Dilemma of a Morning Person/Anti-Night Owl Writer

I hate it when I have writing ideas and I’m motivated to write, but it’s nighttime and all I want to do is sleep. Being a morning person means that by 10PM, I have been awake for 16 hours. Vampire, I ain’t. Now if only my brain would comply and give me ideas first thing in the morning instead of right before bed… (Of course, instead of either writing or going to bed, I spent […]

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What I Did On My Summer Holidays, a doodle-essay by S. Jae-Jones This is pretty much my dream come true. Some day the Doctor will show up in his TARDIS and whisk me, Bear, and White-Harp away on adventures across time and space. Also, I needed a new desktop background, so I drew one.

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Design Overhaul

I think it’s been nearly a year since I last changed my website’s layout/design and I think I’m long overdue for another one. I’m a little tired of staring at my face behind White-Harp, although never fear, White-Harp will always be a mainstay of my design elements. My aesthetic has changed little, but I think it’s the blog design part that’s driving me a little batty. I spend so much time on Tumblr these days […]

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Playtime is Over

The art bunny continues its stranglehold on me. Sketched this on the train ride home and then quickly coloured it in Painter. Poor Bear. During the winter I always want to play Lyra Crosses Svalbard, but Bear is usually not up to playing Iorek and White-Harp doesn’t want to play a male daemon. I’m not sure where this came from. It’s not even winter.

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The Many Expressions of JJ and White-Harp

I have recently been struck by the art bunny and have been spending most of my free time sketching. The art bunny is nasty and vicious and a close relative of the dreaded Rabbit of Caerbannog. Once it sinks your teeth into you, it doesn’t let go until it’s satisfied.

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