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Wintersong Wednesday: Amadeus

We all have influences in our work, little drops of inspiration we collect throughout our lifetimes that seep onto the pages of what we write. Last month, I discussed Labyrinth, its themes and takeaways, as well as a little bit of how it influenced Wintersong. This month I will be examining one of the other greatest influences on my book: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

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Disjointed Thoughts

Halp, you guys. I am obsessed with a centuries-dead, genius composer. Halp. I dropped $50 I don’t have on all of Mozart’s piano concertos. (Yes, all of them. Nos. 1 through 27, plus two rondos.) I rewatched Amadeus last night. With the commentary. Again. And then I cried. With anger. Then sadness. Then anger. Then sadness. Then anger. I suppose this is how people felt when The Beatles broke up except I’m angry that a […]

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Awesome Ladies Being Awesome

For the first weekend in ages, I did nothing but watch movies and it was GLORIOUS. I rewatched Dangerous Beauty and Much Ado About Nothing and then watched Amadeus no less than three times. On the same day. (I know, I know, I tend to obsession.) I think my taste in movies can be extrapolated and extended to my taste in books. Why do I love Dangerous Beauty? It’s an intelligent historical chick movie. Also, […]

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