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My first name is one of the most common names of girls born in the mid-80s, so you can probably figure that out. My last name is pronounced pretty much as it’s spelled: dʒé- dʒónz. I would like to note that my surname is hyphenated, so both Jae and Jones are equally important parts of my last name. My last name is not Jones, nor is my middle name Jae; it is Jae-Jones.

Yes! It’s called Shadowsong and will be out January 30, 2018!

It is a direct sequel, following Liesl’s story and the consequences of the decisions she made at the end of Wintersong.

White-Harp |(h)wīt·härp| noun 
A stuffed baby harp seal that has been JJ’s best friend and confidante since she was three years old. Considered by many to JJ’s dæmon

YES. PLEASE DO. I WANT ALL YOUR FANDOM-Y GOODNESS. (Being a rabid fangirl myself, there is nothing more flattering than the knowledge that someone likes your work enough to make art for it.)

Alas, my time is limited, and what little free time I have must be devoted to my already-established critique partners. If you would like to reach me for a possible blurb, please forward all requests to my agent, and we will try to respond in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, even if I do agree to read a manuscript for a blurb, I cannot guarantee a favourable blurb—or even a blurb at all.

If you are an aspiring writer, I’ve put up a lot of resources to help you in the writing and publishing process, including producing and co-hosting a weekly podcast. Check them out!